12 best free seo tools for bloggers

Hello friends, this post is going to give you information about 15 Free Seo Tools which can improve your Website Ranking, Traffic, Seo. If you have a blog website then you must be aware of all these Free SEO Tools.

New blogger does not know how important Ranking, Traffic, Seo is for a blog website, due to which he makes many mistakes in the beginning.

To rank any website, you have to take care of many topics from which the website can be ranked like Keyword, Seo, Traffic, Content, Backlink, but you can get information about all these only from some tool so that you can get it right. You can know what you need to improve.

There are many Free Seo Tools that you can use for your website. To improve your blog website’s Ranking, Traffic, Seo, you must first know this.

No Free Seo Tools can give you all the information, so you have to get information about your website using different Free Seo Tools.

15 Best Free Seo Tools – Improve Ranking, Traffic, SEO

If you improve your Website Blog with the help of all these Free Seo Tools, then it will definitely affect the Traffic, Seo, and Ranking of your blog website, along with you will also have to use them properly. Information about all SEO tools is being given to you further.

1. XML Sitemap Generator

To index a blog website on search engines like Google, it is necessary to have a Sitemap on your blog, only because of this, Google can understand well what is being updated or uploaded on your blog. Along with this, the ranking also improves accordingly.

A sitemap can be made in XML format or in HTML format, you can create a sitemap of both types here, and you will get its information in this post.

2. Search Engine Genie

This tool gives you A to Z information of Seo which is enough to improve the ranking of your blog website. In this, you will find all the tools which are necessary for the website. With this tool, you can use many tools along with the Ranking of your Keyword, Backlink.

3. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link is not right for your blog website from the point of view of SEO because if any visitor clicks on that link then it shows an error on the page so that the visitor goes back from this page quickly and Google will know about it. It is known that there is no information about the work of the visitor on this link, due to which the bounce rate of the website becomes high and it affects the ranking.

You can open the Broken Link Check website by searching on Google, which searches all those posts, pages or other links on your blog website, in which an error is showing. Here you can find the Broken Link of the blog by scanning the first 3000 links of your blog in the free version.

4. W3 Validator Service

Friends, you must know that codes are written for the design of a blog or website, and its structure is prepared in HTML and CSS, but if there is a problem in this code, then Google also pays attention to this problem, which affects the ranking of the website. falls on.

You also have to keep in mind that there is no error in the HTML or CSS code on your website, so W3 Validator Blog allows you to detect HTML CSS errors on the website and correct whatever errors you have in the website. can do.

Here you get the option to check the error on the website code from 3 types, in which you can upload the URL of the website or the file of the website code or paste the code and know the error in the code.

5. Mobile Friendly Tool

Due to not having a mobile friendly website, it definitely affects the ranking, traffic as well as SEO of the website because any visitor likes to come to the website which is open properly and the information about the work is visible to him, no. So the visitor will go straight back after visiting the website and the search engine does not give a good rank to this kind of website because of not being user friendly.

6. Google Search Console

Whenever a user creates a blog website, he makes the biggest mistake when he does not submit the website to Google Search Console. Website Submit is important here because to be your website here, Google has to look at your website, and only then Google is able to index your blog post. Here you also get the report of your website and without website report. Know that you cannot correct the SEO of your website.

7. Google Trend

Google Trend gives you information about all the topics that people search more, here a list is made and the topic which is searched in that list, you will also get this topic, the sooner you write, the better your ranking will be with it. Also, you will get more traffic.

On whichever topic you are writing, you can also search it here and people are searching for that topic or you can also know that.

8. Keyword Planner Tool

You will find Keyword Planner Tool on the Google Adwords Website. The job of Google Adword is to create Online Ads, but with the Keyword Planner Tool given in it, you can do Keyword Research Free for Blog posts, from here you can do a great Keyword Search for yourself. Because Keyword is also necessary for Traffic, Seo and Ranking of Blog Website.
Read: How to Create Account in Google Adword for Keyword Planner Tool.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you traffic and visitor information, along with it also helps you to work as a marketing tool because in this you can easily know where the visitor came from and which page he opened and Gives information about how long the website has been on, which is better than any marketing tool.

Along with this, you can also guess here what you like to read more on your Visitor Blog.

google Analytics Images

10. PageSpeed Insights

The loading speed of the website is also necessary for the ranking of the website, as much as the loading speed of the website is correct, its ranking becomes as accurate if you improve the website loading speed, then your website on the search engine is ranked better than before.

Page Speed Insights tells you the score of your website’s loading speed, along with it also gives you information about what you need to improve.

11. Ubersuggest’s

Ubersuggest’s is a great tool to do SEO analysis, here you can check the Backlink, Keyword, CPC, Traffic of any website, and improve the SEO of your blog through this tool. The tool also has a free and paid service, the free version helps you analyze your website 3 times per day.

12.  Moz Link Explorer

As Best Free SEO Tools you can use Moz Link Explorer which can give you all this information like Domain authority, Spam score, Do-follow link. You can make your work even easier by using MozBar Extension in PC Web Browser.

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