14 things you should know about Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social network to promote your brand. It is used by many bloggers and marketers. You may already know some things about Pinterest. We will be sharing 20+ Pinterest facts that you may not know. Pinterest is a massive social media platform, with 367 million users. Similar to the previous, we will be discussing some of the Pinterest facts.

While we are familiar with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, many people don’t know much about platforms such as Pinterest or Linkedin.

Although we wonder who might use them, the truth is they have millions of users. Facebook facts have been discussed before.

Amazing Facts about Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform for marketing that allows you to engage millions of people with your brand.

Let’s now learn the most important facts about Pinterest.

1. More than 200 billion pins exist

Pinterest has around 200 billion pins. You will argue that I should use it. So, how can you increase your brand’s motivation?

Pinterest.com allows you to browse beautiful, inspiring, funny, thoughtful, and motivating Pins.

2. Females account for more than 72%

Surprisingly, more than 72% are female users of Pinterest. The remaining 19% are male and the remaining 9 percent are unknown.

It is also the most popular in America. It is very popular in America. This is America’s third most popular social media site.

3. About 400 million people are active users

We have already said that Pinterest has 397 million users. This screenshot shows how this graph grew.

4. 84% of users buy by seeing the brand

Pinterest has 97% of unbranded searches. A further 84% of Pinterest users purchase products after seeing brand content.

This is a great way to get your brand content in front of your audience. When they are at the beginning of the buying process.

5. The US is the third-largest social network

Pinterest was the third most popular social network in America at the end of 2019. Before this, Snapchat was America’s third most popular social network.

In the US, Facebook (first) is the most popular social network while Instagram (second) is second. Pinterest has 88 million active monthly users. Instagram follows closely.

6. In 2019, earned $ 1142.76

The visual bookmarking platform Pinterest generated close to US$1142.76 million in revenue in 2019, compared with US$755.93million in 2018.

7. America’s second-largest market share

Facebook was the market leader and accounted for 55.9% of social media site visits in America in February 2020.

Pinterest ranked second with 29.86%. This means that Pinterest is now the second most popular social media site in America after Facebook.

8. 98% of users are satisfied

It will surprise you to learn that 98% of Pinterest users are happy with the service. According to them, they use Pinterest to search for new things and find them.

This is a sign that Pinterest users are open-minded, curious, and creative. You have a better chance of converting people if your brand has the “It Factor” they are looking for.

International users are now more numerous

Pinterest was once a more popular site than any other in the world. But now, there are more than 247 Billion active users from all over the globe.

Pinterest expects that its international base will grow in America, and it is succeeding.

10. 6.x Increased Video Views from 2018 to 2019.

Pinterest is primarily a platform to share photos and images. Pinterest is also a great place to share videos. This video has seen an increase in views from year to year.

This grew 6x between 2018 and 2019, and you know how popular video marketing has become. This is not just Pinterest. Videos will get great support in the future.

11. Pinterest’s most searched term is “Life Moments”.

It is hard to know which search term is most popular on Pinterest. Let’s just say that “life moments”, which is 22% of all searches, is the most searched term on Pinterest.

This is a must-have!

  • 1 billion wedding season searches annually
  • New home (3,000,000 searches per year).
  • New baby (646,000,000 searches per annum)
  • Gifts (566 million searches per year).
  • Car buying (81,000,000 searches per year).

12. Pinterest is used by 40% of American fathers

Pinterest is dominated by women, but this does not mean that they aren’t active on the site. The fact is that US dads are more active than any other pinner on Pinterest.

Pinterest is used by 40% of American fathers. They search 62% more than average users. It’s amazing to see the Pinterest facts in Hindi.

13. 13.85% of mobile users use it

Let’s just say that 85 percent of Pinterest users are mobile, and the other 15 use computers, laptops, or tablets.

You know what this means. It’s time for your website to be mobile-responsive.

14. 48% of shoppers use Pinterest to shop

It will surprise you to learn that 48% use Pinterest for shopping. It’s 14% for Facebook.

It’s not surprising that you will soon feel that Pinterest is an incredible platform. It’s amazing that you haven’t heard about it before.


We have shared 20+ Pinterest facts in this article. We hope that you’ll be inspired to use Pinterest after reading these fascinating facts.

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