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4 best ways to make money from Telegram

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In today’s post, we are going to tell you about Telegram , if you want to earn a good deal from Telegram, keep reading this article.

If you are thinking about making money from Telegram, Instagram and YouTube, you first need to create a channel on Telegram, then you need to choose a topic, which channel you want to create, like news, team, earn money online topic.

Facebook and Instagram link your channel so that more and more people can connect with your channel when you’re connected with it.

The most important thing to make money on Telegram is to know what Telegram is. If you want money from Telegram, keep reading this article from the beginning.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messenger application where we can talk like WhatsApp, Instagram on Telegram you can add millions of people with you by creating your own channel now you will know what Telegram is now will tell you step by step about how to create a telegram channel.

How to create Telegram Channel?

If you want to create a channel on Telegram I tell you that it is very easy to create a channel on Telegram below I will tell you step by step which you can follow and create your own channel.

Step1: first you need to download Telegram from the Play store, then you need to install it in your mobile.

Step2: you first need to enter a mobile number after you install Telegram.

Step3: after you enter the mobile number, you will receive the OTP that you have to Fill.

step4: after you open Fill, you have to click on the New Channel.

Step5: now you have to give your channel name and decryption.

Now you can add your friends to the Telegram channel via your contact list or link when people join you, you will earn money from Telegram now you know how to reduce money from Telegram?


Above I told you you will have to create a telegram channel and add your friends by creating a channel so after doing so how to make money now I will tell you in detail so let’s know how to make money from Telegram.

1: Affiliate Marketing

Friends Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and best way to make money if you have up to 1500 subscribers you can easily make money on Telegram Amazon Affiliate Marketing if you don’t know what Amazon Affiliate Marketing is.

You can create your own Affiliate Account in any company when you create your own Affiliate Account.

2: Link Shortener Website

You can make money on the Telegram channel using the Link Holder Website and Share Link Short on your channel if someone clicks on that link then some merchant money will get you, but you only have to share the link after Link Short from the Link holder website here. you can make money using a link holder.

I myself I’m using and making money from it.

3: Refer and Earn

Friends Google Play store has a lot of Application that allows you to make money by installing the application in the mobile by making a good earning referee and referee on your Telegram channel.

If you search the Nj Technical earning app in YouTube, you will find a lot of earning apps that you can make money by referee on Telegram.

4: Paid Promotion

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The Final Word On Telegram

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