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Hello Hello guys, how’s your log. Today we are going to tell you about your computer in full detail, and today we will know all the things that are needed for you, so if you don’t know what the computer is, how we can use it, then we will be with us. So let’s go back.

Who is the computer?

It’s not the first time that I’ve had a lot of problems with my body, but it’s the first time I’ve had a problem with my body. So I would like to tell you that the computer is something that goes through the power and we use it to make our work even easier. You may have heard all too often or you may have thought for yourself what is the difference between Computer and Laptop.

So let me tell you that we use a Computer and Laptop for the same thing.

Who created the computer?

He said: ‘I’m not going to say anything about it. So I would like to tell you that the invention of the computer that Sachs did was named CHARLES BABBAGE, he invented the computer in 1832, he is also called the father of the computer. So, guys, you’ve got to know who invented the computer.

What is the full form of the computer?

  • C- Commonly
  • O- Operated
  • M- Machine
  • P- Particularly
  • U- Used for
  • T- Technical and
  • E- Educational
  • R- Research

How is the computer used?

Friends you use the computer a lot, friends you need the computer if you have to do something right now. Friends use computers mostly in Office, School, Bank, College or Airport. Friends if you have to start a small or big business, you will also need a computer.

How many types of computers are there?

There are five types of friends digital computer.

1. Grid Computer

2. Super Computer

3. Mainframe Computer

4. Micro Computer

5. Mini Computer

The computer we use is called Micro Computer, friends Micro Computer has 6 types.

1. Desktop Computer

2. Laptop Computer

3. Palmtop Computer

4. Notebook Computer

5. Pocket Computer

6. Tablet Computer

What is Hardware? Basic information.

Friends hardware contains most of the main parts of the computer by which our computer works, you can also touch these parts with a view, these Parts are Mechanical, Electrical or even Electrons Parts, our computer has different Hardware Parts such as :

CPU (Central Processing Unit) :

Friends CPU has full form Central Processing Unit we call it CPU in short. CPU is called the most main part of the Computer. Without the CPU, the computer becomes lonely because without the CPU our computer will not work. It has to complete our instructions.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

The full form of the GPS HHD is Hard Disk Drive. Friends have to Collect all our data from us. We Can Save Video, Audio, photo, or any kind of Document. Friends HDD was invented by IBM Company in 1957.

Monitor/LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Friends use LCD to watch videos. LCD has full form Liquid Crystal Display. There are many types of LCD, LED, and so on.

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