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How to grow YouTube Channel fast in 2021 complete info

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Everyone wants to be on YouTuber today, but people don’t know how to grow youtube channel fast . YouTube Channel is as easy as it is difficult to Grow, but there are also some Secret Tricks to move a channel from zero Subscriber to millions of subscribers that I’m going to tell you through today’s post.

I’ve grown myself fast on many of my channels on YouTube and I’m sharing this article because of my experience being more on YouTube.

If you also want to know how to grow youtube channel fast then keep reading this post and going to guide you all the things in Step by step and if this post is good to you, click the My Bell button on the website to subscribe to this website so that you can get a notification of what’s posted in

How To Grow YouTube Channel Fast ?

I have spent more than 1 year on this platform to understand Friends YouTube’s Algorithm and that is why my experience has increased significantly in growing the channel. if you don’t know about my channel, let me tell you I have a channel on YouTube called Xlusiveloaded on which I make blogging and YouTube related videos. If you want to know how to grow youtube channel fast in English, visit our channel.

Before joining YouTube I worked on blogging and websites but after YouTube was populated I thought I’d learn something about YouTube too and then what I did immediately was create a YouTube channel and at which point I started giving knowledge about blogging because I already had an experience of blogging and at the moment I started talking about even Tips and Tricks,

If I had spoken before 2015, it was quite easy to Grow YouTube channels because at the time you monetized your videos from the day you opened the channel and you started making money, but after 2016-2017 there was a lot of creator on YouTube that caused the crowd to become more crowded and brought a new condition to YouTube.

But even in this condition, people were spam up and completing the view 10,000 on their YouTube channel, which YouTube knew was too much creator spam to bring in 10,000 views, considering that YouTube has changed its term and condition again for monetization and this time enforced quite a difficult rule, with 1000 subscribers within 1 year and 4,000 hours minute watchtime.

If you are not afraid of all these YouTube rules mentioned above, now I am going to tell you a few points by following it and you can also fast-track your YouTube channel in 2021.

Choosing the right Niche on YouTube

As you know we get the money to make videos on YouTube, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that you don’t have to upload any videos to YouTube because on YouTube they like to watch videos that are well explained to a participatory topic or shown practically.

You need to know which field you have knowledge of, not only will you be able to exploit the random topic in your video, the video will not understand your audience, so it is important to choose a good topic i.e. Niche.

Choose the trending topic to create the video because that video is very much searched and your video can also go viral as there is a lot of searching about Sushant Singh Rajput at the moment.

Some videos are evergreen i.e. lifetime Views keep coming on it like how to blogging, how to create YouTube channels, how to format computers, what is hosting, what is domain etc. Friends this is all the topics that you can put in the category of Evergreen as the user always searches and watches on such videos.

Make videos by doing Research on YouTube

There are people who do not research on them before making the video, they face a lot of difficulties as there are mistakes in their video.

I have also seen a lot of videos in which the Owner of that channel has to make a lot of mistakes in the comment box so that a creator is quite demotivated, so you have to do research.

So before you make a video, research it very well and edit the video well and present it to your audience.

Edit and attract YouTube videos

If you research your video but don’t Edit the video well, the user engagement is not good, that is, the watchtime on your video doesn’t get much, which causes your video Views to decrease and YouTube doesn’t recommend that video.

This is a huge problem and in order to get rid of this problem you have to be amazing in Editing it will make the audience enjoy watching the video and make good engagement with you.

A lot of you get software to do video editing, like mobile, so you can get the help of a kinmaster, Power director, or any other app you want to add to and use wonder share Filmora, Camtasia, or Final cut pro if you want to edit from a computer.

Focus on voice Quality of YouTube Video

How to grow youtube channel fast in English if you want to Grow your YouTube channel, audio makes a huge contribution to making a video a success if your voice is not Clear in the video and there is a lot of noise in the background, the Viewer will be left out of your video because the Voice Quality of your video As not clear enough.

If a Viewer leaves you watching the video in a short time, it will have a very negative impact on your Video, so the video should focus more on audio quality, even if it is good.

How to improve Audio Quality

To Improve Voice Quality or Audio Quality, you can use a good mic or use Audacity software to Remove Noise from it while editing the audio file.

Snapped to Subscribe

If you’re making videos, you need to tell your audience to subscribe to your channel and that’s one thing on their mind and that’s when they’re subscribed to after watching the video.

Don’t let the video start to have a negative impact on the audience, so you should always ask to subscribe in the last.

SEO YouTube videos

YouTube videos feature Thumbnail, Title, Description, and Tags that we’ll explore in the retail.

Thumbnail (thumbnail)

How to grow youtube channel fast in English does lifesaving work for a good and attractive Thumbnail video if you don’t want to search again, Thumbnail should be like clicking on a user’s video.

A good and attractive Thumbnail helps increase CTR (Click through Rate) on your YouTube video This is the CTR that helps your video Get Suggested and viral as much as your CTR will get Views on your video.

Never Click bait in thumbnails it will have negative effects on your subscriber and will leave you to believe it, create your thumbnail from your video topic and use less word on it this is the panacea for creating a good Thumbnail.

Title (titles)

Just like Thumbnail, titles should also be attractive and unique.

Description (Description)

Well, big YouTubers leave the decryption as a waste of time, but you don’t have to make a mistake, first of all you need to use the keyword in the natural word to write the decryption that is related to your video and then copy your title and write About Video and post it.

In the video you should use the Time Stamp that we put into the decryption to make YouTube understand which topics have been explained in which time your video goes viral.

Tags (tags)

The selection of Tags should make a lot of sense because your video can also go viral and so do a little research before writing Tags.

Promote YouTube videos

You can share your videos on social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram.

You can also use facebook add, Google add, or Instagram add if you want to promote your YouTube video with money.

Last word

In this video I tell you How to grow youtube channel fast and I sincerely hope that this post will help you Grow your youtube channel.

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