How to Install WordPress Website on Dreamhost

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Every person who wants to make the world aware of his talent dreams of having his own website. In such a situation, people often start themselves with such online tools which are either free or put at least financial burden on them. Open source softwares are the first choice of such people. Keeping in mind the need of such people in the online medium, free open source softwares are available for almost every task. One such most popular open source software is WordPress which is used for website creation and is absolutely free. With its help, we can create very attractive website in minutes and it does not require any special technical skills.

how to install wordpress website on dreamhost

Millions of websites around the world are being built through WordPress and are becoming popular among their users. To use WordPress, the user only has to host his website on a web hosting agency. Dreamhost is a good option for this. To host your website on DreamHost through WordPress, you have to install WordPress software on the host server. Through this article, we are trying to understand how you can install WordPress on Dreamhost.

How to get started with Dreamhost

Buy the hosting plan that suits you by visiting DreamHost’s website. If you   want to know how to build a website from scratch,   then read the article. We have also offered a discount of $50 in this.

After this, when you are successful in getting the membership, then login to your Dream Host account and complete the WordPress installation process as per the instructions given below

Make sure your domain name is set up before installing WordPress

If your domain name is appearing in the list then you can proceed with WordPress setup, but somewhere your domain setup is not complete then you have to set it up on the server.

How to setup domain? (How to setup Domain in Dreamhost)

Setting up a domain on Dreamhost is very easy and you do not need any technical proficiency for this.

For this, you have to first go to the Manage Domains screen and after clicking on it, you will have to click on Add New Domain / Subdomain.

This will take you to a new window, where you have to enter the name of your domain.

While doing this, you have to keep one thing in mind that you do not write http:// or WWW before your domain name, just enter your domain.

In the next option we recommend you to choose WWW before your domain, where you will get “Do you want the www in your URL?” out of three. You will get an option.

The advantage of this is that if someone types WWW before your domain name, then they will directly reach your website.

The options will appear in the drop down in the FTP user window, but it is recommended to leave it at the default settings.

The web directory is also automatically filled as soon as you enter your domain name in the first window. So you don’t even need to tamper with it.

It would be fine to leave the web options the same way and there is no need to make any changes to the default settings.

The Google Hosted service should also be left at the default setting. Another advice we have is to use your Gmail service instead of using as the email ID. This has two big advantages, one, you will not have to check two emails and secondly you will also be saved from the hassle of setting up email on your domain.

After this, you click on the ‘Fully host this domain’ button and your domain will be set to Bluehost as soon as the message of success comes.

Here we make one thing more clear that just by setting the domain name on Dreamhost’s server, this domain name does not become yours, for this you have to register the domain name.

If you have already registered a domain name, you will need to login to your domain name provider’s account and point to DreamHost name servers in the name servers there.

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How to Install WordPress Website on Dreamhost

Now that you have installed your domain on DreamHost, you will also have to install your website here and WordPress is a great option for this.

For this, you have to click on ‘One Click Install’, which will appear in the navigation menu on the left side of DreamHost.

On clicking on it, a new window will open in front of you which is called ‘One Click Install Menu’.

Keep scrolling through this menu until you see the WordPress logo. Once you mouse over the WordPress logo, it will give you the option of DreamHost One Click Install: WordPress.

On clicking it, a pop up window will open in which brief information about WordPress will be given, and there you will also see a button with custom installation option written on it.

In this pop up window you will have to complete some procedures for WordPress installation.

First of all, you have to choose the domain that you are installing WordPress to host.

You will see the domain you just setup a while back in the scroll down window.

Here you will also see a warning like ‘Please be sure there are no files there now’, but you don’t need to panic because you are doing this for the first time and definitely no other files are present here.

Leave the domain name column blank and go to the selector database option and select the option to automatically create database, and if this option is coming by default, then leave it as it is.

We advise you to opt for Deluxe Install in WordPress installation because in this option you get more than 100 themes of WordPress for free, out of which you can choose your favorite theme for your website layout.

Then click on Install it for me now. After that you have to wait for few seconds for the installation to complete.

Once the installation is complete, a successful install message will appear on your screen. As soon as this work is completed, after some time you will receive a message on your email id in which you will get a link to go to your WordPress desktop. Which will look something like this. .

By clicking on it, you will get the option to login to WordPress, where you can login and start the work of setting up your website.

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