How to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

Negative SEO 2021 : No webmaster intentionally does negative SEO on his website. In fact, some of your competitors and spammers try to down your site’s search ranking by doing so. To maintain your search ranking, you have to fight against this Blackhat SEO , only then you will be able to maintain the search rank of your blog.

Now it is not easy to maintain Top Ranking in Google as before, it is very difficult. Now you have to fight spam to write quality content as well as protect it from negative SEO.

Otherwise, despite having good content on your website, spammers will down or remove your site from Google search engine by doing negative SEO.

So today I am presenting here a guideline for all you bloggers to avoid Negative SEO which will help you to protect your websites from spam.

If you want to maintain your brand and online business seriously, then read this article carefully and understand it well.

Before starting let me tell you what is negative SEO? So that beginner bloggers do not have trouble understanding it.

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO means trying to down the search ranking of your competitor’s website by using black hat and unethical techniques.

In this, spammers create spam links for their competitor’s website and try to get its quality backlinks removed.

So that backlinks on that website are reduced and spamming increases, as a result of which its search ranking goes down after a time.

There are many different types of Negative SEO attacks. such as,

  • hacking your website
  • Removing the Best Backlinks from Your Website
  • Creating hundreds or thousands of spam links on your website
  • Copying your content and distributing it on other websites
  • Defame your image by creating fake social profiles using your name or brand
  • Pointing Links to Your Website Using Unnatural Keywords.

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You can check your website’s backlinks and detect spam links by using backlink audit tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush.

Is Negative SEO Really a Big Threat?

Yes, there is no doubt about it, because many websites have faced it, some of which got ranked in Google while some got removed from Google.

Meaning spammers can not only get their search rank down by doing negative SEO for your sites, but Google can also make your site disappear from the search result if the spam is high.

If you search on Fiverr, you will find more than 20,000 people working on Negative SEO. Also, if you can also see black hat forms, which are full of problems of negative seo attacks.

Therefore, there is no doubt that if you want to maintain your website search in Google, then you have to protect your website from Negative SEO.

To help webmasters deal with this problem, Google has  released the Disavow Tool , with the help of which you can filter spam links.

But using this tool may take 3-4 months or 1-2 months for the bad backlinks to get filtered. Therefore it would be better if you try to stop negative SEO directly.


How to Protect Website and Blog from Negative SEO Attacks? Protect your Website from Negative SEO in Hindi

Here I am telling you some effective ways to protect website and blog from negative SEO. You yourself have read it well and use it only.

1. Enable Email Alert in Google Website Tool

First, you need to activate the Email Alert service in Google Search Console, so that Google can send you an alert message for spam issues.

Google can send you an alert mail if you have the following problems,

  • In case of malware attack on your website
  • If the Posts / Pages of your website are not indexed
  • In case of server connectivity problem on your site
  • Or when you  get Manually Penalty from Google

That’s why you should always keep email alert notification enabled in google search console, so that google can send you mail in case of any problem.

To enable it, login to Google search console with your Google account and go to Webmaster Tools Preferences .

Here enable email alert by ticking the option with Email notifications.

Remember, Google has never claimed that it will definitely send a warning message if there is any problem with your website. Meaning that it is not necessary that there is a spam attack on your website and you will get a mail from Google.

But even if you keep email alerts enabled in Google webmaster tool, then it is your only advantage. Google does not send mail only in some cases.

2. Take Care of Your Backlink Profile

This is the most important protection action to prevent spammers from succeeding. Because in this you have to stop the creator of many spam links on your website under negative SEO.

You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz Open site explorer to find spam links on your website. is also a better option to monitor spam links  . Renowned SEO expert Neil Patel also suggests the same for backlinks monitoring.

By using backlink monitor tools, you do not have to wake up every morning to check new, lost backlinks of your website.

If you talk to me, then I use SEMRush tool for this, because it gives me more features than the rest of you.

With the help of this, I am able to easily Disavow bad backlinks on the basis of Spam score, it is also great in other features.

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But when it comes to fast indexing, Ahrefs is better.

Because it usually shows your backlinks immediately and immediately removes any backlink from your database when it is deleted.

3. Protect Your Best Backlinks

Spammers do not only do spam linking for your blog but also try to remove the quality backlinks of your website/blog .

For this, they usually contact the owner of the banking website using your name, image and request them to remove the backlink.

To prevent this from happening you can do the following.

  • Always use type professional email account instead of public mail like Gmail, Yahoo .
  • Tell the websites and blogs from which you create backlinks to ignore requests other than just your hidden email id.
  • Keep track of your best Jacqueline, for this you can use the monitor backlinks tool. Whenever your link is removed, contact its site owner.

In Backlink audit tool you can list all quality backlinks with one tag, you tag the Linux which you care about the most.

4. Protect Your Site From Hacking and Malware

Now day by day cyber attacks are increasing, thousands of websites are hacked every day, there are malware attacks on millions of websites and the data of many websites is stolen.

In such a situation, it has become very important that you should also be worried about the security of your website. Even I have faced 4,500+ attacks on my site in 1 day.

Hackers include viruses, scripts in their website pages without knowing the website owners and redirect them to their pages, which is difficult to detect.

Even if a user has made a zip file or any other backup on the hosting server, it is also accessed and downloaded silently.

That is, it has become very difficult for a non techy blogger to keep his website secure. That is why now most websites, blogs will get firewall installed.

Talking about the best firewall for website security, Sucuri  and CloudFlare the best. Both not only provide education to the website but also improve the worldwide performance of the site.

If you use WordPress , then you can secure your WordPress site in various ways.

  • First of all, 2 Step Verification plugin should be used, so that no one can login to your site without OTP.
  • Another strong password (for your blog Strong Password use).
  • Back up your files and database regularly.
  • Talk to your posting company and ask them for more security.
  • Use antivirus and firewall to prevent malware attacks.

If you do not know whether your website is being attacked or not, then for this you use Security Plugins like Sucuri scanner , Wordfence .

If you do not know whether your website is being attacked or not, then for this you use Security Plugins like Sucuri scanner , Wordfence .

I would recommend you to use sucuri plugin as it is easy to setup and tells about every single activity on your side.

5. Check Duplicate Content

Creating a problem of duplicate content by copying website content and publishing it on other websites is an easy way of negative SEO which most spammers use.

If most of the content on your website has been duplicated then there is a high chance that your website could be penalized by Google.

When this happens, the search color of your website falls and many times Google removes your site from the search results if there is more duplicate content.

You can use a duplicate content finder tool like Copyscape can easily find duplicate content of your site on the Internet by using a .

If the content of your website has been published elsewhere without your permission, then you should file a DMCA complaint against it and get it removed

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