How To Take A Screenshot On A Computer 2021

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4 Best Tips to screenshot on computer. There are times when we do any work on a laptop or computer connected to the office, we need to take a Screenshot of our work.

So in this today’s article I will tell you all one, not two total 4 tricks that by adopting you can take a Screenshot on your laptop or computer and make your daily life easier.

Here I will tell you 4 tips for taking screenshots on laptop or Computer

1. Print Screen (PrtSc )

Generally, we take screenshots with the help of all print screens ( PrtSc ) whenever we work on a computer or on a laptop. To take a screenshot with The Print Screen ( PrtSc), you can press the button of The Print Screen ( PrtSc ) on your keyboard and then paste it into any software like paint, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or other.

2. Window Key + PrtSc Key

Window Key + PrtSc Key can take Screenshots with help. If you have Windows 10 operating system, Window Key + PrtSc Key will help if you take a Screenshot, make a Screenshot holder inside the picture name folder in your computer and store your screenshot inside that folder.

As you can see in the image below.

3. Spinning Tool

If your Operating System is Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, you can take a Screenshot of the area you want with the Spinning Tool and use it well in any of your projects.

To take a screenshot with the Spinning Tool, you first click the start button and search there for the Spinning Tool, then you will see the Spinning Tool. After you open the Spinning Tool, you can select and screenshot your desired area by clicking new and save it to your drive. As you can see in all the photos below.

4. Mircosoft Word

Yes friends you can also take a Screenshot of your desired area with the help of Mircosoft Word. If you want to take a Screenshot with the help of Mircosoft Word, you’ll need to use the Mircosoft Office 10 version or more.

After you open Microsoft Word to take a Screenshot in Mircosoft Word, you will see Insert Tab after you open, you will see the Screenshot button on the Insert Tab, through which you can take a Screenshot of any part of your computer and use that Screenshot in any of your projects.

So this is today’s 4 ways to take Screenshots on a laptop or computer. I sincerely hope that all of you will have liked this article.

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