I’ve Never been into politics

Can we meet you?

I am Barrister Abiola Abdulkareem, Founder of Jagunlabi Foundation. I’m an indigene of Kwara State, Osi community to be precise. I presently base and practice in United State.

How often do you visit Nigeria?

So often. I will be leaving next tomorrow and by the special grace of God, i shall return by next week so as to conclude some of my projects for my people.

What is Jagunlabi Foundation all about?

It is an NGO saddled with the responsibility to solve social economic challenges and be best of friends to the vunerables and empower youth.

Recently we facilitated and worked together with an NGO Lead Generation Initiatives from outside Kwara State where thousands of youths accross all the 16 local governments of kwara state was given leadership training to youth. We also have in the pipeline a unity football competition to engage the youth of my state in meaningful activities.

So you have an ongoing Football competition? 

Yes. The competition is primarily to bring unity amongst the youths of my immediate constituency which are Ekiti, Irepodun, Isin and Oke-ero.

Why Footbal Competition?

Another name for football is unity. I have this strong believe that football can integrate communities and develop unity among the youth. This competition is not just like the usual competition, it is wrapped with features like talent discovery among the participating youths.

What do you mean by my Constituency, Are you into politics?*

No! I’ve never been into politics, when i said my constituency, i meant it because it is my constituency. During the introduction, mentioned my town, so i should be able to know what neighboring communities we have. I have had several invitations and suggestion to do politics, but my business would not permit right now . My businesses are doing fine, interestingly i am firm believer that politics and business are inseparable.

If the elites refuse to take leadership now, people with no express would be left to make decisions for us.

*Aside football event, what other things should we be expecting from your NGO?* 

We are currently working on something good that will serve all the concerned local governments. It’s an infrastructural solution

Seem your relationship with the younger ones is intact

Very cordial! Do you know how long I’ve been doing this people. I have been silently footing the bill for GCE/SSCE exams. I’ve always wanted to see them in proud positions. They have the potentials, all that is needed is just support.

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