Ten Things You Should Know About NYSC Camp

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You Must Read: Ten Things You Should Know About NYSC Camp

Another essential piece of information for Nigerian grads preparing for the NYSC orientation camp. Please read the following information carefully.

10 Things You Should Know About NYSC Camp

  1. Phone charging

Members of the corps are not permitted to charge their phones in the dorms or any other NYC building… There is no socket or other means of charging, so don’t even consider breaching this rule. Instead, corps members pay #50 to those doing business at Mami Market to charge their phones or torchlight.

Nysc officials own several of the stores at Mami Market. There may be light in the hostels, but you must pay to charge your phones whether there is light or not!!! That, my friends, is Nigeria. Laughable!

2. The time when the lights are turned off

Corps Members are expected to be on their bed bug sleeping mattresses by 10:00 p.m. The only noise you should make at this point is snoring.

Until 4 a.m., when troops arrive and pursue corners to the military fortified fenced ground, all lights must be turned off, no calls, no chatter, nothing except snoring. Do not break any rules because troops will not be lenient with you.

3. Love and lust

Perhaps you’ve heard or been told that a camp is a place where you can engage in sexual activities. Some nasty individuals have already purchased condoms and are waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately, sexual contact is not permitted at the NYC camp.

I guessed it was a bad market!

.. Laugh out loud! You’d better get rid of those condoms because there’s no room for them.

Female and male hostels are separated by a large distance, with soldiers patrolling the area at all hours of the day and night. Hostels are similar to a large hall in which everyone is your roommate. For example, a corps member may share a room with up to 400 individuals.

Remember that troops are watching you and are trained to detect sex offenders, so if they see you crawling around opposite the sex hostel, brother or sister, they will arrest you.

4. Falling in love:

NYSC camp is not the best place to fall in love, court one’s lifemate, or meet one’s life spouse. Some of the ladies at camp are too inexpensive to get, but they are also temptations. Some of them have a shady past that you will not be aware of. I recommend that you put girls aside and concentrate on your objective to NYC camp.

Bad gals in camp always chop ‘mumu’ boys. You think she’s in love with you, but after 21 days at camp, you’ll find out.

5. New York State Service Corps food

If you can, eat the food, even if it tastes like poison. However, some folks are far too amusing shaa…! Some boys and ladies would ‘form’ too big to eat NYSC food in camp. They go to Mami Market to get groceries. You’ll be surprised to witness them fighting in the queue to get NYSC food after a week in camp. Laugh out loud! Money doesn’t last forever, oh boy!!

6. You’re fainting

Corpers are frequently seen fainting on NYC pared ground. If you or someone close to you passes out, don’t be surprised. Huge men with a lot of muscle also faint. So it’s not a question of my size (NYSC camp no be moi moi).

7. Awakening

You must get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning for morning drills, which will last until 8:00 a.m. when you will be freed to eat your breakfast, followed by another pared-down or monotonous SAES lecture. Another drill when you return from the lecture. There’s no time to relax. Take a look at yourself; do you believe there is any respite for NYSC camp? Laughable!

8. Snoring

This is the most vexing creature you’ll ever encounter at camp. Imagine sharing a room with 400 people! That would be a snoring match. In addition to snoring, some people scream in the middle of the night while sleeping. Oh, my goodness! Nothing will escape your notice.
Even after all the drills and tension that troops have put you through, your fellow PCMs will not let you sleep at night…

Have you ever slept in a tiny hall with roughly 400 people in which at least 150 people snore and another 50 people scream in the middle of the night?

Oh, no! Oh, no! Did you expect to have your own room? Laughable! Laugh out loud! The hostel is similar to a hall, and there will be a large number of people there.

9. Hold your breath

At 6:00 p.m., you must remain still for Nigeria to sleep, and at 6:00 a.m., you must remain motionless for Nigeria to awaken.
When you hear the beagle, you must stop moving and remain stationary until the sound stops. Make certain you don’t break that rule.

10. Money Please bring adequate cash. #15,000 is ok, but you must combine NYSC and Mami food OR bring #40,000 if you do not intend to consume NYSC poisoned food.

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