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Today we will tell you what the computer is – What is Computer will guide you in detail as the computer plays an important role in our life’s work. In this modern age, Computer usage is happening in almost every region of the world such as bank, Space, film Production, Transport, Business, Airport, railway Station and School.

If you also want to know what the Computer is and what component it is made of, Keep Reading This post carefully because there are many factors to understand the Computer. Let’s know What is computer Step by Step Guide

What is the computer ?

Computer is an Electronic Device where Data is Input by the User, so the Computer shows that Data by processing the Information as a Result, meaning the Computer is an Electronic Machine that follows the instructions provided by the User.

“Did you understand what is computer?”

Computer has the ability to take Data Store, Process and Input, so you can use e-mail to send, play games, browse, record typing and video edit.

“The computer provides the result as Output by processing the Data entered by the User.”

“The Data Input Process by Computer User by Output Results are Provided as”

The answer to the word Computer is from the component, which means that it is impossible to calculate that the Computer belongs to the computational machine, but because of the revolution in the field of Computer it has become quite widespread, not just by calculation.

More work can be done faster in less time by the Computer and it has High Stores Capacity, Speed, Accuracy, Reliability, increasing its importance daily. By the definition above you will have understood what the computer is ? What is computer !

Features and utility of the computer

  • Speed (Speed)

Computer can easily calculate millions in seconds. A Computer can perform the work done by a person in a few seconds. Computer processor Speed is measured in Heartz (HZ).

  • Error-free work (Accuracy)

Computer Calculation is error-free. If an error is found during the calculation, it is caused by human mistakes in the Program or Data. If Data and Program is correct, the Computer always delivers the right results. Sometimes the computer doesn’t give the right results. Sometimes it’s too bad.

  • Storage capacity 

The computer also has Memory that is used for storing Data information and instructions and is stored in an Electronic way.

  • Huge storage capacity (Large Storage Capacity)

In the past, all the information and Data in office were stored in files which caused a waste of time, space and paper, but when Computer arrived, all these documents were stored in Electronic File, which led to the destruction of the debt.

  • Ability to make quick decisions

The Computer analyses the circumstances with the ability to make quick decisions based on the instructions given in the first.

  • Diversity (Versatility)

Different types of work can be done with the help of Computer. In today’s time, kamputaro has the ability to do different types of work together.

  • Iteration (Repetition)

The same kind of work can be done repeatedly with confidence and quickness by ordering the computer.

  • Privacy (Secrecy)

New-age computers are much more secure and password protected, which is why no one can make a dent in it.

Types Of Computer

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  • Desktop Computers

Many people use Desktop Computer at home, school and office. The desktop computer is designed to be placed on a desk with different space for monitor, keyboard, Mouse, Cpu, etc.

  • Laptop Computers

Everyone will know about the Laptop computer in today’s time as it is being used most of the time. You can use a laptop computer as it is quite light in size and weight and can be used for hours after charging once. The laptop computer has become quite fast today.

  • Tablet Computers

The tablet computer is also called a tablet handheld computer and is more portable than a laptop because its size and weight are very low. You can operate it through touch screen. iPad is the example of a tablet whose name you must have heard.

  • Servers

The server is also a kind of computer but has High End Configuration and provides information to other client computers. Large capacity Ram and hard disk are used in the Server and can be increased in the future as many extra slots are available.

Other Types Of Computers

  • Smartphone

Mobile phones can do many things including internet Browse and playing games called Smartphone.

  • Game console

Game Console is a special type of computer that is used to play video games on your TV.

  • Wearable

Wearable technology is the common term for a group of devices that include Fitness Trackers and Smart Watch designed to be worn all day.

  • TV

TV includes Application or Apps that allow you to access other types of Online Product. For example, you can Stream Video directly from Internet on your TV.

Computer uses

In today’s age, Computer has become an integral part of our lives because without a computer we cannot live apart because it is being used in every field. I am showing below the areas in which Computer is being used.

Field of Education

It is the largest hand in education if a student has information about a subject, and it is available in a few minutes to know that a student’s studies have increased significantly.

In the wake of the Lockdown epidemic, it is being used with loud noises and is today sitting at home with the help of Online study Computer tomorrow.

Health and Medicine   

Computer with the help of Miss treat is very easy to be added is in today’s time All Things digital, has been causing to the patient what the disease is very easily know which is due to the treatment goes smoothly.

Computer uses in science

With Computer help, many scientists can work together regardless of whether they are in any country. If you have to reset something, it is easier to do it.

Use of computers in the field of Business

It has a huge hand in business, especially in Marketing, Retail, Calculating, banking, to grow Productivity and Competitiveness.


In today’s time, the government is also making use of it more and more in Traffic, Education, Information, Aviation, Broadcasting all the places it is being used to make it easier.

Father Of Computer

What is Computer before you know about Charles Babbage. Charles Babbage (1791-1871) was an exceptionally talented scientist, mathematician, economist and engineer. He is best known today because he created a calculation machine and that is why he is called Father of Computer.

Final Word 

In this today’s post I told you what the computer is, and I sincerely hope that these posts will be liked by you. From time to time, there are new specification computers that you must know before buying. If these posts were good, please SHARE it with the social handle below.

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