what Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

If you have a little too much information from the online world, you may never have heard of Hosting. So today’s article will reveal what Hosting is ( What is Web hosting) and how many types of hosting you should purchase to host your website.

What is Web hosting

When we do some filestore in our computer and install it on our local server and use it as a website, it shows us all the work we get from our local computer. Here, our computer is working like a local Sarwar.

If you want your website to be accessed from any corner of the world, you need Hosting to host your website in the same situation where you store all the files on your website and the data stored on that server can also be accessed from any corner of the world where they store all the data.

If we understand this in easy language, we need Sarwar to host our website, which is what we call Hosting our website.

At the moment there are a lot of companies offering to host all over the world which have different Hosting according to different plans which you can use according to your requirement.

Types of Hosting

As you can see, there are many types of Hosting at this time. But I’m telling you all about some of the main Hosting here that you can read below.

1. Free Hosting free hosting

Today there are a lot of companies that offer Hosting for free to entice their customers. When someone hosts your website on such Hosting, then add the email of the company that says that you have fully used your free plan now if you want your website to work well, you can use our Paid plan.

The company behind free Hosting is a marketing strategy whereby the company provides Hosting to its customers for free. Web Hosting for free is one of the most common problems with speed.

If you all want to start a blog or website, always try not to get into any free hosting rounds. It damages both your time and effort.

( If you want to use free hosting for the purpose of learning, you can, but you are Sirius by taking up your blogging career, never try free Hosting. )

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2. Paid Hosting

This includes a variety of Hosting such as-

1. Shared Hosting

You must have heard the name of Ola Cab. What happens in this same Ola Cab keeps you stocked by many people to reduce their cast.

In the exact same way, Shared Hosting is given the same CPU to use in many people so that their cast is very low. A lot of people host their website in the same hosting so its plan is much cheaper.

If you are absolutely new to the blogging field you can start your blogging career with Shared Hosting and if you have a budget you can try this good hosting.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS has a full form of a virtual private server. VPS Hosting is far better than shared hosting. In this, you are provided with a Sarwar that only hosts its own website. In it, you can host all one website or multiple websites. It depends on how you want to use it.

3. Dedicated Hosting

In case your website gets traffic in millions of dollars a day, you have to use dedicated hosting. For example you sarkariresult.com that website makes traffic in the millions daily.

Dedicated Hosting has only your website host and only you can manage the CPU in whatever CPU is used for you. So call it Dedicated Hosting. As such, you will feel the name itself is dedicated to one thing.

The dedicated Hosting cast is much higher than the rest and hosting. So Dedicated Hosting is used by most companies that have good traffic and Good Food earnings.

4. Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is Managed for any program. As you can understand from the example of WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is managed in a manner that is automatic optimized to increase both the speed and SEO of its website.

5. Reseller Hosting

In Reseller Hosting, we purchase Hosting from any Hosting Providing company, and we resell that Hosting to anyone else according to our own terms.

For example, let’s say we bought hosting from the company at $274 per month and we are selling that hosting to our 20 customers at $69.

Does that mean that you bought it for less money and that hosting you sold your customer for more profit?

6. Cloud Hosting

What happens in Cloud Hosting is that the location of your Sarwar is connected together, so in a situation where the request comes from around the Sarwar, data is picked up from there and shows that your internet speed is significantly increased. Another advantage is that your data is loaded onto multiple servers, making the website’s data less and less prone to lose.

If you get 5 to 10,000 traffic daily on the website, you can go with Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting cast can be more or less as per your need by churning over 500.


In this article of today, we have talked about what hosting is, how many types of hosting are there, what kind of hosting you can buy for your blog or website. If you have any questions or suggestions in mind, you can comment to me and if you all like this article of our today, you can share all your friends ‘ partner so that they can also know what Hosting is and how much Hosting is.

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