When and how does youtube pay Youtubers

There are many ways to earn money online, one of which is YouTube, which you can earn thousands and millions of rupees sitting at home, but the question comes when and how Youtube gives money.

By the way, it has become common to earn money from YouTube online, which is known to everyone, that is why every day new people are opening their own YouTube channel to make their career on YouTube.

But still most people do not know that when and how YouTube pays money, so today we are going to tell you about the whole process of how to make money from YouTube, about which everyone should be aware.

when does youtube pay

It is not easy to earn money from Youtube today as compared to before because changes are happening with the passage of time, so it is important for you that you first understand the complete math of earning money from Youtube so that you can understand everything.

That’s why we are telling you the complete process step by step, after reading which you will not have any doubts in your mind.

Step-1 Create YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel to make is not a big deal because you do for which you can create channels of its own in a few minutes Gmail Account can play channel of his own with which you should be the name of your YouTube channel.

This is the first step that you take your step into the world of YouTube, but this is just a step beyond which many things have to be followed, then you can earn money from YouTube.

Step-2 Monetize the channel

There was a time when you could start earning money by uploading videos as soon as a channel was created on YouTube, but in today’s time this situation has completely changed because now YouTube has changed its rules.

So if you create your new channel today, then only after having 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time on it, you can send it for monetization and then it is monetized by youtube which takes a week to a month.

Monetization means that ads start coming on your channel, which starts earning YouTuber and this is the first way for every YouTuber to earn money from Youtuber, although there are many other ways.

Step-3 Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

Perhaps you come to know about only a few ways to earn money from Youtube, but as people are coming towards online, the means of earning you from Youtube are increasing day by day and now it is time to advertise on TV. People have also started promoting on YouTube.

Overall video content is considered to be the future, so its demand is increasing and with the demand new ways of earning are coming in which the most common way is this.

There are various ads company you can monetize with,  which are:

This is some of the ways that you are usually seen doing by Youtuber, in which the first method is considered to be Google Adsense because in this Google itself shows the advertisement and gives its money to Youtuber .

So now it becomes very important to know when and how Youtube gives money and this is the biggest question for the common people, so let’s understand it too.

Step-4 When and how YouTube pays

Like we told you in the beginning that YouTube has some guidelines of its own, when a YouTuber fulfills them, then he completes the first step to earn money from YouTube.

After that advertisements come on his videos which means that more people will see his video as many times as ads will come and they earn through those advertisements.

When ads are placed on his videos by Youtube, he has to open an account named Google Adsense, which contains information about all the earnings made by him.

In this way, he earns from the advertisements on his videos, which are collected in Google Adsense and when this earning is 100 $ or more then it is sent directly to the bank account.

Here let us tell you that by the 25th of every month, the last month’s earnings are sent to the bank account by Google, which is rarely found in any job, here is also the biggest advantage of working on YouTube, but for this you have to Once you have to earn 100$ or more or else the money is not transferred to you until you get 100$.

It is only a matter of earning money from Youtube, similarly, you get money in different ways and in different ways, so now you must have understood that when and how YouTube gives money.

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