YouTube Title Tag Description and Keywords Full Details in 2021

In today’s time, People is becoming a new YouTuber every day. But they don’t have information about what titles are, what tags are, what description are and what keywords are, etc. That makes them all face a lot of difficulties on YouTube.

With that in mind, in this today’s article, I will talk to you in absolute detail about what YouTube titles are, what YouTube tags are, what is description and what are keywords. So that you can all have great information about all of these and you can rank your YouTube videos at the top.

What is a Title?

When we upload a video on YouTube, the name of the video we call titles. From the title, our viewers know what this video is about to make them understand whether or not they have to watch this video.

Or if you publish a post on your website, which is the main name of the post called the title. So the user can find out what this post or article is about.

To further understand what happens to titles, you can see the image below.

What is Tag?

After we upload a video to YouTube, we use a lot of small Keywords associated with that video to rank our videos on YouTube.

Example: let’s say the main title of our video is How to Upload Video on YouTube in 2021.

Now we use a lot of keyboards to Rank it on YouTube like how to upload videos to YouTube, how to upload videos to YouTube, how to upload videos to YouTube, how to upload videos to YouTube, etc. All of these are called Tag.

To understand more about what happens, you can see all the images below and understand what happens to Tag.

What is Description?

When we upload a video to YouTube, everything we write about that video is called a description. Using a description, YouTube’s algorithm very well understands what topics your video is about, making your video rank at the top of YouTube.

To rank any video on YouTube, we combine titles and Tag in it to write a description so that our video ranks on YouTube. When writing a description, one is noted that we write the same things in the description that our video is about.

To better understand what the description is, you can look at the image below and understand what the description is.

What are Keywords?

When we do a topic search on Google or YouTube, type a few words like how to lose weight ( How to Lose weight ), how to do blogging ( how to do blogging).

Keywords are of two types

1. Small Keywords (Short Tail Keywords )

When we do a topic search, it uses at least one word called short keywords.

How to lose weight, how to lose weight, how to make money online, etc. It is called all small Keywords ( Short Tail Keywords).

2. Big Keywords (Long Tell Keywords )

When we use more and more words while searching on Google or YouTube, it’s called Big keywords.

Such as staying at Home for 2 months lose weight how to lose ( How to lose weight at home in two months ), staying at home money from mobile how to earn ( How to make money from mobile at home ), etc. It is called All-Big Keywords ( Longtail Keywords).


In this article, we learned what happens to titles, what happens to Tag, what happens to description, and what happens to keywords. I sincerely hope that all of you would have liked our man article today if you liked, please SHARE this article on YouTube Title Tag Description and Keywords Full Details in 2021 with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp so that they can learn this important information and follow it in their lives.

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